What are your coziest things for FALL


With the fall season in full swing, it is time to take a look at the 18 reasons we think Fall is the coziest time of the year! Check out our list below, and share your thoughts, or even something you think we missed in the comments section below!

Scarves/Hats – It’s time to start getting out that favorite scarf and sock hat.

Apple Cider – It’s the next best thing to keep you warm during the fall season?

Apple Picking – This is something that can be a neat and interactive activity and can be done with the kids. Bobbing for apples is also a fun fall party idea.

Pumpkin Picking – Everyone loves to decorate and carve pumpkins for the fall and Halloween season. The trick is to get that “perfect pumpkin” to create the coolest or scariest look.

Leaf Gazing – We often don’t go out of our way to do this, but the next time we are out and about on a nice Sunday drive stop and look at all the leaves that are changing colors.

Baking Apple Pie – After you have picked your apples and made your apple cider don’t forget to save some for preparing a warm apple pie.

Wearing Plaid – Plaid is the absolute “go-to” for trendy fall fashion, plus plaid flannels are a sure-fire way to knock the chill off of a breezy fall evening!

Cooking Soup – Nothing smells better than a nice homemade soup on the stove after working a long day of work!

Eating Pumpkin Spice Everything – Blame it on Starbucks, but pumpkin spice flavored “whatever” is here to stay no matter how basic it makes us!

Rain on the Rooftop – There is nothing more relaxing (in my opinion) than sitting at home on a lazy weekend in your most comfortable PJ’s listening to the rain hit your roof!

Inside All Day – Sometimes you just have to stay in all day catching up on the latest Netflix shows or the backlog of DVR recordings you missed during the busy work week!

Wrapping Up in your Favorite Blanket – Whether it’s a knit throw, your warmest fleece blanket, or one of grandma’s old quilts, wrapping up in a cozy blanket is the best!

Sitting in Front of a Fire – Whether inside or out, stock up on wood and make sure that your fireplace is ready for the fall!

Lighting Candles – If you don’t have a fireplace, you can always light some candles for that old fashioned “Fireplace Feel”.

Favorite Sweater (or Sweatshirt) – It’s time to break out that favorite oversized sweatshirt you have been waiting for it to get cool enough to finally use!

Renting a Cabin (or camping)– There’s nothing more that screams “FALL” than staying in a cabin in the middle of a secluded woods or pitching a tent out by your favorite fishing hole.

Wearing Duck boots – These are a growing fall fashion trend that just keep on growing for all of you fall fashionistas. The time is finally here! Break out your rubber boots and rejoice!

Drinking Hot Chocolate – The absolute fall and winter “go-to” for nearly every kid in America!