In our fourth and final installment in this series we are going to discuss “The Maid”…

Yeah…I know its maids week of and I get it…you are trying to sell, but you still live here right?


When your home is on the market, you MUST maintain a “show-ready” look at all times!

Beds made? CHECK!

No dishes in the sink? CHECK!

All of the laundry is picked up rather than in a pile on the floor? CHECK!

The kid’s toys are put away and their rooms are spotless? CHECK!

As a seller, you want your potential buyer to picture themselves living in your house, and not to feel like they are invading your home while you are away don’t you?

And finally (but most importantly)


Do your best to emotionally separate yourself from your house. I realize this is easier said than done, but with the technology employed today by many of the top producing brokers like automated showing reports which solicit feedback from potential buyers and their agent about your house, you may occasionally see some critical comments about your home.

“Don’t let these things offend or discourage you. Just because your house isn’t the right fit for a particular buyer, doesn’t mean that the perfect buyer isn’t still out there somewhere.”

Follow the advice of the professional you hired to assist you with the sale, and keep an open mind when they make suggestions on price, marketing tips to improve your value, and most of all when they make suggestions on turning your home back into the house that you want to sell!