For the second installment in our “House Vs. Home” series, we are going to tackle the all too common problem of COLORS

You LOVE PURPLE (or whatever your color of preference may be) but does your potential buyer?  Sure, it matches your comforter AND it was the color of the prom dress and cummerbund worn by you and your spouse on your first date at the senior prom, but it’s time to neutralize if you are looking to sell!

This isn’t to say that I expect you to paint your whole home, OR that any bit of color is unacceptable, but loud, deep, or bright colors are often turn-offs to potential buyers. A deep fire engine red living room, the Purple Passion bedroom, or the bonus room painted in perfect Green Bay Packers green and gold, just won’t work with most buyers’ furnishings. Before listing your home, tone down the Crayola Super Pack and opt for nice and simple earth tones, pale grays, or anything in the linen or white spectrum!

Be sure to check back in a few days for installment three, and leave me a quick comment on the craziest color you have ever seen painted in a home!