When you list your home for sale, it is an emotional time. You may be nervous about what the future holds and uncertain about the best way to sell your home. However, you need to remember that this process is just as much about finding a new place to live as it is about making sure that your home sells at its peak value. 

A real estate agent can help make this process easier from coming up with home pricing strategies, to helping you stage your home. There are several ways a real estate agent can do to help you sell your home more quickly and for a higher price. Here are some of the services they provide:

Create a marketing plan for your home

After you decide to sell your home, you need a plan for marketing it that includes setting the price appropriately. Working with a real estate agent, you can create a marketing plan for your home that includes setting the price, determining the best listing type (such as traditional, auction, or short sale), selecting an appropriate listing venue, and deciding how long to list your home. 

The real estate agent can help you understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of different approaches, so you can make an informed choice that results in as many potential buyers as possible.


Negotiate on your behalf

Selling a house is a complicated process and there are many different parties involved. First, there are you and your needs. Then there are potential buyers and their needs. Finally, there is a lender who is providing the financing for the sale. 

A good real estate agent will work to understand all of these different needs and then act as a negotiator to try and find win-win solutions that result in both you and the buyer getting what you want. Negotiating on your behalf can include working with you to decide what repairs need to be made and when they need to be completed. 

It can also include contacting your current lender to make sure they are ready to fund the home sale and advising you on how to structure your loan in the best possible way. Finally, it may also include negotiating with other parties involved in the home sale, such as appraisers, title companies, and contractor

Help stage your home to increase its appeal

Another thing a real estate agent can do to help make your home more appealing to potential buyers is to stage it. This means using furniture, decorations, and other items to make your home look as appealing as possible. You may be surprised at how little effort staging your home can take, and how much it can help sell your home. 

Staging your home also has other benefits, such as helping you decide whether or not you want to keep certain items or make changes to the interior of your home. Staging your home can also help you unload some of your possessions that are cluttering your space, making it easier to pack up and move when the time comes.

Provide professional photos of your home

Most real estate agents will hire a professional photographer to take photographs of the inside and outside of your home. These photos will be included in your listing, and they can have a huge impact on whether or not someone wants to see your home. A photo that is out of focus, badly lit, or does not show the home in its best light can cause a potential buyer to move on to the next listing, even if it is a better house. 

The photos you use to sell your home will have a major impact on how quickly it sells and how much you can expect to receive for it. So, it is important to invest in a professional photographer who can create stunning shots that show off your home in the best possible light.

What Your Realtor Does For You‍

Co-op advertising and exposure with other Realtors’ listings

Real estate agents often work as a team and will list and market each others’ listings. This can help increase the exposure of your home and can lead to an increase in the number of showings and potential buyers. Having more people come through your home can help speed up the sale process. 

Having more homes available for sale will also give sellers more options, and can help drive prices up. If your agent has access to other listings, they can use the information in their listing to give you more exposure. 

For example, if another agent has a house in your neighborhood listed for $200,000, your agent can add that information to your listing so that people searching for houses in your neighborhood can find your listing as well.


Selling a house is a complex process that requires many different skills. Real estate agents can help make this process go as smoothly as possible. The best agents do not simply put a sign in your yard and wait for the phone to ring, they use a variety of tools to get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible. 

There are many tasks that a real estate agent can do to help you get your home sold quickly and for a good price. They can create a marketing plan for your home, negotiate on your behalf, help stage your home to increase its appeal, and provide professional photos of your home. 

Real estate agents can also co-op advertising and exposure with other Realtors’ listings in an effort to get your home sold as quickly as possible.